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Summer 2022 Blog

SUMMER 2022 Blog

As we approach mid-summer I encourage my commercial clients and customers to start preparing for the fall season. In doing so, my recommendations are as follows:

• Drop off for Repair. Gear that’s not working get it to us.

• Setup & Test. Gear, Speakers, Mixers, lights, etc.

• Cables. We all have lots of them, start untangling and organizing them. Label / Color Code them. Buy some enamel paint markers, draw a line or dot (on the connector shell) designating a specific length. I.e. Red=100ft. Blue=50ft. and so on. Some use colored tape, however cables often get gaffer-tapped down, gaffers tape can rip of colored tape. There’s nothing worse than setting up with a container of cables without a quick way of identifying them.

• Separate intermittent cables. Place troublesome cables in a separate tote or bag. Chances are they may end up back on your next gig!

As you ALL know or have experienced, if it’s gonna break, it will break when Live!

Gear that may have intermittent issues are not going to magically get better on its own..

With supply shortages it is extra important to plan ahead with Repairs and Replacement Parts.

Finally, for those wanting to add to there setups with new gear. it is important to get product ordered ahead of time. There are still back orders, some of which already into next year. Contact us so we can get your new product on order. Keep in mind that our distributors are NOT receiving large quantities of product as they used too. It is important to get orders placed early. As they become available, your on the list!

Remember Its not the brand or manufacturer. nor is it the distributors. There are many factors that play a part here. Raw material shortages, Supply and demand from last year, container pricing from port to port. port to manufacturer / distributor.


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